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Project Description
Software Development Kit for the Vex library.

This project represents the Vex development kit (vex.devkit). You will need to clone vex.devkit if you wish to participate on project development or build your own version of the Vex unit test suite. Vex itself is currently a header only library and does not require building at all (might change in the future). vex.devkit contains links to associated projects as mercurial subrepositories. For this reason (at least at Codeplex) the "SOURCE CODE" tab appears to contain only the hg configuration files. If you clone the project then the linked subrepos will be downloaded and cloned to right locations underneath the root folder. You should give the cloned project a meaningful name, such as vex.devkit.trunk or vex.devkit.branch.x.y I have chosen to use this "distributed" form of deployment since I re-use some of the components in other projects.

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